NaruSasu's Application

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NaruSasu's Application

Post  NaruSasu on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:22 pm

Real Name ?
-->Vadim B.

NickName ?
--> Don't really have one Razz

Age ?
--> 13

Character Name ?
--> NaruSasu

Where Do You Live ?
--> USA

State ?
--> New York

What Lang. Do u Speak ?
--> English,SPanish,Ukrainian,Russian

What Can You Help With ?
--> Everything? lol i can help with anything you ask me to do(i'm capable:D)

What Spot Do You Want ? (SH,GM,PM) ?
--> i dont care what spot i am as long im staff and i can help out Very Happy

Why Will You Pick This Spot ?
--> I REALLY LOVE this server its the best i've played and it would be fun

How Much Can You Be Online ?
--> Alot... i have school right now but right after school i go on conquer and i have summer break soon so ill be on like 24/7 then

Any Other Info We Should Know ? uhhh i am really helpful, i am on a lot,im friendly and fun to chat with and be with,i'm very smart,im a fast learner,i'm good with gaming, i have also bean GM,PM, and owner in many servers and much more Very Happy hope i get the position peace


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