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Post  wOrk^ on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:32 am

Real Name ?
--> S. Bogdan

NickName ?
--> Bogdan ;x

Age ?
--> 15

Character Name ?
--> wOrk^xP|0d3 (if being aproved whit PM/or GM

Where Do You Live ?
--> Romania.

State ?
--> Neamt

What Lang. Do u Speak ?
--> English, Romanian

What Can You Help With ?
--> Make sure of anybody leveling fare. Stop CHEATing. And make populated, some peoples needs a server to play Conquer private and LivingLegendCo is the GREATEST

What Spot Do You Want ? (SH,GM,PM) ?
--> What do you think i may have. Is the owner Decision`s here

Why Will You Pick This Spot ?

How Much Can You Be Online ?
--> Don`t know. 2-3 hours Minimum per day

Any Other Info We Should Know ? No. It`s ok whit me.Frendly

Anyway, if i don`t been accepted, have a great time in the future, i will stay here whit u. xD.


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