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Post  Unkown on Mon May 03, 2010 10:22 pm

Real Name ?
--> Kyle

NickName ?
--> Troy

Age ?
--> 16

Character Name ?
--> ?Unkown?[VIP]

Where Do You Live ?
--> USA

State ?
--> Florida

What Lang. Do u Speak ?
--> English

What Can You Help With ?
--> i can help you run server and can help new comers on how to do things and i can make video guides on quests and other stuff. i am real good as making websites.

What Spot Do You Want ? (SH,GM,PM) ?
--> GM

Why Will You Pick This Spot ?
--> i am really friendly i love to play around have fun have events so people can have great time on livingLegendCo and there are really no GMs on when Edward & Donatello leave and i think there should be a GM on all time

How Much Can You Be Online ?
--> Mon-Fri 4:40pm-2:00am Sat 8:30am-2:00am

Any Other Info We Should Know?
This is the only Prrivate server i donated on and i will never quite this server as long my computers are running on this earth!!!!!!


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