PlotKai's or ShootThemDead SH Aplication!

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PlotKai's or ShootThemDead SH Aplication! Empty PlotKai's or ShootThemDead SH Aplication!

Post  PlotKai on Tue May 04, 2010 6:15 am

Real Name ?
--> Mikey

NickName ?
--> Ehh pretty much that no one changes it =]

Age ?
--> 13 Sad Many wouldn't like this)

Character Name ?
--> ShootThemDead

Where Do You Live ?
--> Macedonia

State ?
--> Karpos

What Lang. Do u Speak ?
--> Macedonian,English (im very good with it,at least i can tell what i want to tell), a litle bit of German

What Can You Help With ?
--> About problems, usuall stuff (like where to 3rd reborn,cost of it, where to buy that and that etc) also some modding. I can also find some stuff for the server (whether npcs/mods/skins)

What Spot Do You Want ? (SH,GM,PM) ?
--> SH for now, we will see for the future =]

Why Will You Pick This Spot ?
--> Becouse i am already helping players and i like to help them, i am mod on chatbox, can control people from spamming, flaming, selling accounts and so on.

How Much Can You Be Online ?
--> about 4-5 hours monday-friday and 6-7 hours saturday and sunday (with some breaks tho,duh!)

Any Other Info We Should Know ?
--> I know u already have a SH, and a GM and PM too... tho i rarely see the GM or PM. Also when i started i didnt know anything about game but i am a fast lerner and know about anything there is to know. Also please dont take me as a child, on every p-server they said they think i am 15+. Not trying to make myself important or something but, just pointing it out. thanks =]


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