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Post  Drama on Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:27 pm

Real Name ?
--> Diego

NickName ?
--> No Have

Age ?
--> 18

Character Name ?
--> Drama

Where Do You Live ?
--> Brazil

State ?
--> Sao Paulo

What Lang. Do u Speak ?
--> English , Português

What Can You Help With ?
--> im help players in game , and in chat box Very Happy

What Spot Do You Want ? (SH,GM,PM) ?
--> [GM]

Why Will You Pick This Spot ?
--> why i can make event . help players...

How Much Can You Be Online ?
--> i online 24/7 LOL! no have school .. finish

Any Other Info We Should Know ?
--> If I am not mistaken I have been a two first to enter this server, reaching serves Drama [VIP] for help in chat box etc, but it was removed cuz it was free I'm not donate ... Thanks!
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